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22 mm Offset Triple Clamps.
These will optimize body position: Bar position 2mm back from stock center position for a better rider triangle.
Ride Eng. also offers optional offset bases for our bar mounts providing 4 bar positions as measured from the stem hole: 6mm forward, 9mm forward, 15mm forward & 18mm forward (stock positions are 3mm, 11mm, 17mm, 25mm).
2) Flex: This new split design is made from 2024 aluminum and provides far better comfort and uncompromising suspension action.
3) Improve the handling with a new gull wing design;
4) Top clamp has flex pockets and that lowers vibration with 4 polyurethane cones.
Fits 125/200 & 4 Strokes

Ride Engineering Beta Triple Clamps, 125/200 & 4 Strokes, Red

SKU: AB-22261-R
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